Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Black 'Verse is an organization that is dedicated to the education, training, and advancement of Black people across the decentralized Metaverse and Multiverse.
You can find Black 'Verse members where decentralization is happening. Our presence is not limited to one spot, we do not retain ownership in one spot. We are spread across all aspsects of the blockchain, are invested in the possibilities and future of the blockchain and are growing Web 3 into the Metaverse.
Basic Definition: The metaverse is essentially a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, and blurs the line between your interactions online and in real life it is the future of the internet."We talk about the metaverse like it’s something that’s about to happen. The truth is, elements of it are already all around us. " FORBES October 22, 2021

Black 'Verse Metaverse Definition: Our Metaverse is where the Black people have an opportunity to hit a redesign button on their futures. Our Metaverse of choice is decentralized. The decentralized Metaverse, operates with the power of Web 3.0, the principles of the blockchain and is built around Community. It includes AR, VR, MR and XR as ways to experience it - that which is, a reality that is different from the one we have been given. Our metaverse includes Web 3 and the decentralized blockchain as the foundation for change in transacting leading to self sovereignty, individuals right to transact for themselves and recoup the rewards for their data and contribution. Decentralization requires a disruption of the corporate structure that claims ownership, equity and technology for itself.
Getting involved with Black 'Verse is easy. Join us by signing up at Then pop into Discord. If you don't know how to use Dicord we have training available regularly. Sign up for an individual session by going to Once in Discord, read our community agreement to ensure you align with our ethos and then say hello in #verse-chat''
Before October 2021, people understood the Metaverse to come from the Greek word “meta” meaning “beyond”, and “verse”, ie universe in English. Thus, the metaverse would mean “Beyond our universe”, a universe transcending our reality, a digital universe.

In fall of 2021, Facebook proclaimed itself as "a Metaverse Company" changing its name to "Meta" with a logo of an infinity symbol essentially telling the world that it would forever be our Metaverse. This caused many to revolt against this form of digital appropriation.

Black 'Verse was born out of this revolution. We removed Meta to reclaim our stake on data, on individuality and our right to own our piece of the pie as well as to be a part of the team designing the future. We jump into the 'Verse, whether that be a "Meta" owned verse, preferably a decentralized Metaverse, the multiverse, a world, a space, or an infiniverse - our people are there.